Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Day at El Centro Cultural

It was later than I wanted it to be when I arrived at El Centro Cultural. At first I didn't see any familiar faces.

I drove around the block a time or two and finally parked on the south side of Adair across form the Community Center. As all eyes seemed to be upon me, so I decided to take a couple of pictures. Shortly thereafter, a few gentlemen approached me in my pickup and in their best English asked me if I had work. I told them no and they walked away.

I took another lap around the block and spotted Daniel and a few other folks on the northeast corner. I parked my truck and introduced myself. The couple Daniel was talking with was just leaving which left a total of four American Citizens on site to protest. This was around 10:00 am.

After just a few minutes, we ran into Jay (MAX Red Line) who hung with us for quite a while (thanks Jay). We took pictures of the Illegals coming and going. Oddly enough, many that were going, were going without their Matricula cards because they showed up without an appointment.

I got a sense that most people going into the center knew what they were doing was illegal. Most tried to NOT get their picture taken including the Counselor General -Too bad I got it. We were yelled at and told that if any of our pictures showed up in the paper or on a web site we would be sued. I don't know the name of the little princess that told us we would get sued, but she is the one that did all of the actual yelling today.

The Counselor General never made time to talk to us, but we did have a great conversation with a young man that is Mexican but IS a legal citizen of the United States, Yale educated and you could tell. He was working at the center as a volunteer. We asked him if it didn't bother him helping all of these illegals sneaking in the back door after he has gone through all the hoops necessary to enter this country legally and get an education and everything else this country has to offer. He stated that the (US) government needs to do something to make it so it ISN'T illegal for these people to come into our country. I just mentioned that would be the same as making smoking pot legal just because there are so many people doing it - Clearly a Yale Man.

Over all, it was a great experience for me. I believe we did some good, because we made a lot of people very nervous today.

I know Jay (MAX Red Line) has already put up a great piece about today and Daniel is working on his. I think I'll leave it to him to post the pictures we took. Go HERE to see what Daniel has done.

I hope to see / meet more great Americans at the next Criminal Carousel.


Daniel said...

Thanks so much for coming Greg! It was a pleasure.

I'm sure that we'll see each other again soon as co-defendents in the lawsuit that the screamer is surely filing as we speak...

Allen said...

Looks to me as Greg has caught the spirit.

Hope you have the same feeling of accomplishment as I after attending one of the Anti-Illegal Alien events.

MAX Redline said...

Hey, it was great to meet up with you guys, Greg! Like you, I didn't see any familiar faces, so I just started scouting around on my own. You folks were probably around on the other side of the block when I pulled in. The screamer certainly had a good set of lungs, and a really inclusive attitude.

I'm disappointed, though.

I thought the lawsuit threat was just for me, and now I find she was passing it around like an S.T.D.

And here I thought I was special.

I hate when that happens.