Sunday, January 22, 2006

Let's get it straight!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I give you... Harvard!

Yes this is the lady that informed us she knew the law (I wonder if that's in the biblical sense?).

I know, she has been referred to as "Squinty Eyes" but since she wouldn't come talk to us and tell us her name, and in fact, all the talking she did was of a threatening nature, at high volume, hurling prose at us that could have only come from her years at law school, I prefer to call her - Harvard.

Now be careful. I know Harvard sounds a lot like Hereford which

Harvard, You silly Goose!
Yes, we call her

as we know is a big fat cow, but make no mistake, I call her Harvard - Again, because of her obvious extensive law background.

Looking at her, I have to say I would never have thought that she was a criminal alien, I believe she was just one of the people employed by the state to commit criminal acts.


Daniel said...

That's a perfect picture! Almost as good as the one of her in the Harvard Law School yearbook...

Oregon Infidel said...

Hereford, Harvard.....Either way you have a creature that lacks the "Common Decency" gene normally found in most creatures.

I am Coyote said...

Hey, you say Heroford, I say Harvard... Let's call the whole thing off.

yip yip

MAX Redline said...

I disagree with Daniel on this one. It's a good picture, but not perfect. She's actually way squintier. I think you caught her off-guard!